5 Symptoms of pregnancy in first month

As soon as the news confirmation of pregnancy, your life is filled with happiness. During this time everyone seem to advise. How are you afraid of how to handle all this, especially when you are going to be a mother for the first time. It is our article about the special care kept in the pregency. Maybe you get help and you could make a good pregnancy.

5 Symptoms of pregnancy in first month

The first month of pregnancy is very special. In the early four weeks of pregnancy, many changes inside your body come and symptoms of pregnancy are visible. All these symptoms are normal that you do not need to fear or panic.

Today, in this blog we will discuss the Symptoms of pregnancy, your diet and some precautions during Symptoms of pregnancy in the first month. The first month of pregnancy starts before pregnancy. It starts from the first day of the last period before pregnancy and ends the same date next month.

If you are pregnant and for the first time, then this blog is absolutely necessary for you. After reading it you will understand pregnancy and all the special and essential things related to it. (

Symptoms of pregnancy first month

When pregnant, ovulation does not happen and periods do not come. Periods come only when you are not pregnant. Although, a little bleeding can be felt during pregnancy, but it is normal with the menstrual cycle.

To be sensitive to breasts and change the color of nipple:

As soon as pregnancy starts, the size of the chest starts increasing and the color of the nipple changes.

Scam and blood spots:

Your placenta is now doing its own job of making pregnancy hormones. It may cause slight bleeding. You are most likely to have spotting or bleeding between weeks five and eight of pregnancy.


The weight of the growing baby starts to fall on the stomach and lungs. Because of this, the chest pain is normal. When there is pain in the chest, you feel breathing, sleeping, heartbeat, take a break, take blood pressure and fatigue.


hormones (progesterone Because of this, sleep comes to a nap. During this, laziness remains even after complete sleep. And sleep keeps on coming.


Mood swings happen in pregnancy.

Infant development in the first month of pregnancy:

Fertilization process

Procedure of transplantation

Embryo development


In the beginning of pregnancy, weakness appears due to hormonal imbalance in the body, it is important to follow a good diet to remove the weakness from the body.

Include vitamins, proteins, fiber and all other elements in your diet which are beneficial for you and your baby. You can consume milk, milk, other product, pulses, sprouts, eggs and meat etc.

Iron is essential to stay healthy during pregnancy. To meet its need, you can include green leafy vegetables, pomegranate, litchi, fig, and raisins in your diet.

Problems of constipation often come out during pregnancy. To avoid this, you can consume fiber plenty. At the same time, more and more water and juris can consume more and more water. The problem of constipation gets away from them and you are always hydrated.

Include fruits, whole grains, salads, peeled mung dal and other things in your diet. In all of these carbohydrates are found in much quantity which is very beneficial for you during pregnancy.

Talk to the doctor in the event of allergic to any thing again.

Keep these precautions in the first months of pregnancy:

During the first month of pregnancy, it is also necessary to pay attention to the few precautions. Often some women take their pregnancy lightly and the affection of all those things and all those who work themselves to become overs and all those who are either their abortions in the form of results or their abortion. Go.

To avoid such a situation, you should take care of some things during the first month of pregnancy. Because doing so, both of you and your baby are always away from healthy and threats. Below we are telling about the things you should stay away.

Do not jump rope.

Good music listen

See good movies.

Read good books.

Do not raise a heavy reason.

Avoid more bending.

Avoid dieting.

Do not driving much.

Do not give more pressure on the stomach.

Keep yourself away from stress.

Avoid hot / sauna bath.

Do not eat one thing again and again.

Avoid sex for two months.

Avoid wearing more tight cloth.

Avoid going to pollution place.

Do not eat more quantity.

Avoid wearing high hill sandals.

Avoid coming in contact with pet animals.

Stay away from Junk Foods and Cold Drinks.

Be careful while working.

Yoga and exercise told the doctor.

Keep in mind your blood sugar and blood pressure.

Do not consume medicine when you have a small fat problem.

Avoid consuming things made from powdered milk.

Avoid eating more oil and spicy things.

After talking to the doctor, do sex in the right way.

Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and other intoxicants.

Before consuming the drug, take the opinion of the doctor.

Avoid eating raw meat, raw egg and raw papaya.

Do not dance for a long time and close after some time.

Consume more and more iron, vitamins and other elements.

Eat at the interval of time to do a little bit instead of eating.

Avoid going on a long journey because it has a risk to abortion.

Avoid consuming things with packet and things made in microwave.

The first month of pregnancy is very special, but during this time you have to take care of a lot. Make your life beautiful, spend good times with the family, eat food at time, sleep at time and on time, take a lot of exercise and yoga at times, keep your health in mind, whatever things are beneficial for you and your womb. Take a consumption and stay away from those who are harmful. Retermark your checkup from time to time and instead of becoming a doctor, instead of becoming a doctor, talk about a woman and talk about her trouble.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the second month

diet, change in the body and infant development: Symptoms of pregnancy in the second month

Morning sickness

Suddenly change the mood

Breaks of breasts

Apart from all these are also many common symptoms that come out during the second month of pregnancy. In it, there is a desire to eat things, repeatedly incomplete, weakness, fatigue, gas and constipation, stomach bad, digestive action, less hunger, body pain and cramping, swelling in dizziness, stomach, feet and nerves Come and be irritation in the chest etc.

Diet of second month of pregnancy:

Below we are talking about things that you should consume:

Try to eat more and more fiber because during pregnancy it helps you to avoid the problem of gas or constipation.

Include Iron in your diet because it proves to be very helpful in the development of your baby.

The consumption of substances rich in protein is very important.

Calcium should include abundant calcium in your mine pan.

Folic acid is quite beneficial in the second month of pregnancy.

Change in the second month of pregnancy:

In the second month of pregnancy, there are many changes in your body. But you do not need to be afraid of all these or to be afraid of them, but they have to understand themselves and bring the problems arising from them. Below the following, the following changes you can feel in yourself during the second month of pregnancy.

There may be trouble in breathing.

Your weight increases slightly.

You can also be allergic to some odor.

Your nose becomes more sensitive than before.

All the time something does not eat food.

Sometimes your vagina gets light blood.

During this time your uterus starts moving.

It can be itching and pain in your vagina.

Due to the size of the uterus, there may be a problem of repeatedly to be affected.

These are all general changes that you can feel inside your Symptoms of pregnancy in the second month.

Infant development in second month of pregnancy:-

In the second month of pregnancy, the development of the baby’s body begins and it also starts feeling many things. During this time you need special attention to your routine. You can feel the changes in the baby inside you. So let’s see what physical changes come in the baby during 12 to 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Bones begin to become.

The weight of the baby begins to grow.

Both ears of the baby begins to become.

The development of dietal begins.

The infant starts feeling light flowers.

Both hands and feet and their fingers begins.

The spinal cord and brain-making neural tube becomes.

The heads of the baby, eyes and nose are gradually appeared.

By the end of this month the baby size becomes approximately 1.5 centimeters.


This blog has been written for general information. If you are suffering from any disease, please take consultation with the doctor and make any decision only on the basis of the doctor’s suggestions.

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