Aloevera Gel – Best 7 Benefits of Aloevera gel

Aloevera is a medicinal plant. It is also known as cowpea, dhritkumari. It probably originated in North Africa. Aloevera gel and juice are beneficial for the body, providing double benefits by extracting and using the gel portion.

Aloevera Gel - Best 7 Benefits of Aloevera gel

How to use aloevera gel :

1. Cut aloevera leaves: First of all cut the aloe vera leaf and take out the aloevera gel between it and keep it naturally and use it.

2.Patch test: Apply aloevera gel near ear to test if it causes allergies due to sensitive skin.

3. apply to skin: Aloevera gel can be applied on the skin or mixed with any other products.

4.apply to hair: By applying aloevera gel to the hair, the roots of the hair become strong. Apply it twice a week. Apply aloe vera from the roots to the tips, it makes the hair soft.

5. Use at night: Applying aloevera gel at night shows more effect

6. Regular use: Use aloevera gel regularly. If any irritation or allergic factor is seen, stop it immediately.

Keep in mind that aloe vera should be natural. Use natural aloe vera gel. Because such products are available in the market which contain very little or no aloe vera gel.

Benefits of Aloevera for skin :

1. Moisturization: Moisturizing with aloe vera keeps the skin soft and reduces dryness and dryness of the skin and makes the skin shine.

2. Sunburn relief: If your skin is burnt by the sun, then apply aloe vera gel on that place and keep it for a while, then wash it off and glow will appear on the face or skin.

3. Acne treatment: Regular use of aloevera gel helps in reducing pimples and acne scars.

4. Anti aging: Aloevera is helpful in removing dryness of the skin. Its regular use supplies the skin with antioxidants and vitamins, which reduces wrinkles and age-related problems.

5. Skin irritation: Aloevera gel can be used in case of allergy or irritation. Aloe vera can also reduce swelling.

6.Dandruff and hair related problems: Applying aloe vera gel to hair reduces dryness and makes hair thick, long and shiny.

7. Care of hands: Aloevera gel should be applied on hands, which increases the beauty of hands..

Everyone’s skin is not fair, so before using aloe vera, do a patch test. And use aloe vera with the advice of a doctor.

Follow these steps to use aloevera gel at night :

1.clean the skin: Wash your face first to remove all the dirt or makeup.

2. using tonner : Apply toner on the skin (if you apply) it helps in balancing the skin.

3. Apply aloevera gel: Gently apply aloe vera gel on the skin or face with hands. It can also be applied with cotton.

4.massage : After applying aloe vera gel on the skin, massage and leave it. Aloe vera acts on the skin at a normal rate. Therefore, after massaging with it, leave it till morning. more profit.

5. get sleep: Get enough sleep after applying aloe vera gel. Due to which moisture reaches the skin. And the skin glows.

6.clean up in the morning:

Wash it with normal water after waking up in the morning and start your regular routine.Aloe vera gel is as useful as aloe vera juice.

Along with using aloe vera gel, aloe vera juice can also be consumed, it is beneficial for our whole body.The way the gel is extracted and used, similarly the gel part of aloe vera can be consumed by making juice. Doing this gives double benefit.

Benefits of Aloe Vera juice :

1. Digestion improvement:  Aloe vera can increase the digestive capacity

2. Immune system boost: The nutrients present in aloe vera strengthen the immune system and improve immunity. health: Regular consumption of aloe vera juice keeps the moisture in the skin and reduces other skin related problems.

4. Detoxification: Toxins come out by consuming aloe vera juice. that detoxifies the body.

5 . Diabetes cantrol: Regular consumption of aloe vera juice can reduce blood sugar (patients with diabetes should consume aloe vera juice with doctor’s advice).

6. Hair health: Aloe vera juice enhances the beauty of hair. This makes the hair soft, beautiful and thick shiny.

7. Weight management : Metabolism increases with aloe vera juice, which leads to regular weight.

Keep in mind that you have to keep consuming aloe vera juice regularly in the right way. It gets benefits quickly. And keep in mind that when you are consuming aloe vera for any disease, then do it with the advice of a doctor.

Importance of Aloe vera in some common diseases :

A. Aloe vera can also be used in cough and cold. For this, take out the juice of aloe vera leaves and make powder by mixing rock salt in it. And take it with warm water in the morning and evening. This will benefit to a great extent.

B. Aloe vera gel can be used in headache, taking out the aloe vera gel and applying a little turmeric to it gives relief.

C. Extracting aloe vera gel and drinking it cleans the stomach and also cures stomach related disorders.

D. Take out the anus of aloe vera and mix a little turmeric in it and apply it on the eyes, which reduces burning, redness and swelling in the eyes.

E. Aloe vera is also beneficial in ear pain, for this heat aloe vera juice and put it in the ear, which gives relief in pain.

Disadvantages of aloe vera

1. Keep in mind that aloe vera leaves are useful. Which should be used as a gel on the skin and juice for the body, consuming it in excess causes a feeling of weakness in the body. Because it increases the amount of potassium.

2. Excessive use of aloe vera can cause problems like skin rash or itching.

3. Blood sugar can be affected by excessive consumption of aloe vera, for this take doctor’s advice.

Till now we have come to know about the benefits of Aloe vera and the tricks of using it. How to use aloe vera and what are its benefits.

Aloe vera is used to get glowing skin and in many diseases. Ye keeps controll from metabolism to detoxification and blood sugar in the body.


After knowing all the properties of aloe vera, you must have come to know the benefits of aloe vera. Aloe vera is known to have skin protecting, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and wound healing properties. Aloe vera gel is considered good, so you can use it without hesitation.


Aloe vera should be used only after patch test. As far as possible, do it with the advice of the doctor.

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