Benefits of drinking hot water : Drink warm water in the morning

Benefits of drinking hot water as soon as the morning Drinking stale mouth water has been considered extremely beneficial in removing the troubles of skin.

Benefits of drinking hot water

Benefits of drinking hot water

Drinking empty stomach water in the morning, the toxic substances go out easily. There are many problems related to the skin care of the faces and shines on the face.

If our routine starts with water then it is very beneficial for our health.

Whenever we drink water as soon as we wake up in the morning, then half of the diseases will be cured in the same way. Drink water first thing in the morning without washing your teeth.

Drinking warm water in the morning

Drink warm water as soon as you wake up in the morning, that is, drink water kept in a copper vessel (only in the morning).

In case of excess of copper in the body, drink water in a copper vessel in the morning.

The most important thing is to drink cold water in the morning. it promotes many diseases.

How to drinking water

Be sure to keep all these things in mind while drinking water

1. Always drink water sip by sip means drink it in sips only.

2. If you have 2 food in your meal, then after the end of 1 food and before the beginning of the second food, Drink 1-2 sips of water before doing.

3. Drinking hot water in the morning has many benefits – it hydrates the body, improves digestion, boosts metabolism and keeps the skin clean and glowy.

4. Get up early in the morning, ideally only pets.

5. Drink hot or room temperature water.To install prefer karein.

6. One glass water (approximately 250 ml)

7. Don’t eat water quickly, quickly.

8.If you have brushed then drink water after 30 minutes.

9. We can drink the water heated in the morning for the whole day.

The most important thing is that water should never be cold or refrigerated, because of this the first disease is leprosy, due to which there is a problem of gas in the body. Always drink water equal to body temperature.Means drink lukewarm water.

Drinking mostly cold water causes the small intestine and large intestine to contract.

It is possible that wherever you drink rain water, you can drink this water comfortably for 1 year without adding any chemical.

First day of rain after Holi Till then drink water from an earthen pot. Drink water in a copper utensil from the first day of rain till the last day, which is very beneficial for health.

Most important rules of drink water,

1. Never drink water in between or at the end of meal. Drink water at least after 1.5 hours.

2. If you drink water sip by sip, saliva helps to calm the acid that goes inside and drinking water sip by sip also does not increase the weight, that means it remains balanced according to the texture of the body.

How much water does the body need

The body needs water the most, so do not let there be any shortage of water in the body.

If there is a lack of water in the body, drink water according to the above rules and drink a lot of water.

1. Drink more and more water, some diseases can be cured only by Pure drinking water. Watermelon should be eaten to get more water, it has a lot of water content, which is beneficial for water deficiency caters to.

2. Water should be drunk at least 7-8 liters a day, in which we can also include juice, take as much liquid as possible, so that there will be no shortage of water in the body and the body will remain healthy.

3.Drinking water in the body remains flood balance. This gives out harmful toxins from inside the body. Thus, the body of water career works in a way throwing body flood balance and toxin. So it works as a body’s clining.


By incorporating the mentioned measures in the daily routine, the beginning of the morning will be full of freshness and you will be able to remain active throughout the day.

If you drink 1 glass of water in the morning, then the problems of stomach and skin will be far away. After passing the morning, drink 1 glass water before passing the urine. Immediately after passing the urine, do not drink water by mistake, it can cause trouble related to kidney. If there is irritation in urine then take a habit of drinking stale mouth water.

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