Brain tumors : Best 5 Treatment of brain cancer/Symptoms

Brain tumors is a disease of the brain, in which malignant cancer cells develop in brain tissues. These cancer cells grow up and creates a group of cancer tissues, which interfere in the brain’s actions such as memory, sensation, muscle control and other common functions of the body.

Brain tumors : Best 5 Treatment of brain cancer/Symptoms

Cancer cells developed by brain tissues are known as primary brain tumors, and those who reach the brain from other parts of the body are called metastatic or secondary brain tumors.

In a year, more than 24,000 new cases of brain cancer in India have come up and in the last few years, this incident has increased by 10%. Besides genetic diseases like Neurofibrometosis behind the growing cases of brain cancer, the contact of the cancer radiofrequency waves from mobile phones can also be attributed.

 Brain tumors are of two types.


Primary Brain Tumors are those who are produced in the brain.


Secondary brain tumors are those who reach the brain from any other organ.

Causes of brain cancer:

The biggest cause of bran cancer is to use stress and mobile.

Generally brain tumors are formed when the brain that seems to be unusually increasing in some cell size or number.

Cause for brain cancer

Generally, the cell division or increase process is controlled by the instructions stored in DNA present in each cell in each cell. Sometimes the information stored in this DNA becomes mutation, which causes cell activity unusual. As a result, becomes unusual lump or tumor. Some risk factors increase the likelihood of brain tumors, such as:

1. Age:

Although brain tumor can be anyone at any age, but most of it is common in small children and elderly people.

2. Gender:

There is more than women to be brain cancer in men.

3. Family history:

Genetic factors are responsible for almost 5% brain tumor from all brain tumors.

4. Atmosphere of home and workplace:

Pesticides, solvents, vinyl chloride, oil products and rubber at the workplace can increase the likelihood of brain cancer, although no scientific confirmation has happened.

5. Infection:

The likelihood of having CNS lymphoma increases by infection in the brain.

6. Head injury:

Although experts have found the relationship between deep head injury and brain tumors, especially meningima, but still evidence of brain tumor and head injury. Are inadequate.

7. ionized radiation:

The risk of breather tumor increases due to the old radiation therapy on the body or the brain.

Symptoms of brain cancer:

Symptoms and signs of brain cancer depends on the rate of its location, size and increasing. Many times it can also be done without symptoms.

Symptoms of brain cancer


Symptoms and signs of brain tumors:

Pain in the head repeatedly


Bluristic Sejers

Go away

Short term memory loss

Reduction in Nim

Change daily activities

Reduction in thinking

Nausea and vomiting

Change in personality

Treatment for brain cancer:


Even in the treatment of cancer, the operation is the largest and effective treatment. The tumor is removed from surgery in the first and second phase. Even in the third stage, even if the cancer is not spread to other organs, treatment is possible even by surgery. When cancer spreads in other organs, then adopt other ways.

2. Radiation Therapy:

In order to kill the tumor pulmonary cells in radiation therapy, high energy rays like X-ray or protons are used. Radiation therapy can come from a machine outside your body, which is called External Beam Radiation. In very few cases the machine is placed inside the body and brain, which is called brachytherapy.

External beam radiation focuses at that place, where there is tumor. Many times its focus is imposed on the whole brain, it is called radiation (whole-brain ratio) on the full brain, especially for the treatment of such cancers, which spread to the brain from any other part of the body.

3. Chemotherapy:

Medicines are used to destroy tumor cells in chemotherapy. The medicine of chemotherapy is given in the form of injection in tablet and nerves to eat. Many types of chemotherapy are available, which are used according to the type of cancer.

Side effects of chemotherapy depend on their dose, due to this, there may be problems like hair loss, nausea and vomiting.

4. Targeted drug therapy:

The main goal of treatment by targeted or targeted drugs is on those special abnormalities that appear during brain cancer. By preventing these abnormalities, cancer cells are destroyed.

These drugs are imposed by injections in the veins, which is prevented from becoming new blood vessels, the supply of blood is closed in brain cancer cells and cancer cells are destroyed.

5. Palliative Care (Palliative Medicine):

In this treatment, focus is focused primarily to reduce the symptoms of the disease, improve the quality of life and support the patient and its family. Painful treatments are widely different, they often include medicines, changes in nutrients, relaxing techniques, emotional assistance and other types of therapy.

 Rehabilitation after treatment :

Because Brain Tumors can develop in those parts of the brain, which controls the functions such as the functionality of the brain (motor skills), vision, speaking and thinking, therefore the facility of rehabilitation may be an important part of being healthy. Your doctor can send you to service providers, which can help you, such as:

1.Shariyal Therapy (Physical Therapy)

It can help reduce the reduction in the functioning (motor skills) or resurrect the strength of the muscles.

2.Speech Therapy (Speech Therapy)

This is helpful to feel trouble in speaking especially, which is helpful in getting back the patient’s habit and ability to speak like earlier.

Conclusion :

Brain tumor is a serious illness, in which there is a group or lump of unusual cells in the brain, which we call tumor. How brain tumor occurs, it has been told in the above parts. It consists of two types, a cancer brain tumor and second without cancer brain tumors.

Its symptoms depend on the location and size of the tumor, in its normal symptoms, there is repeated pain in the head, blurry, staining, short term memory loss, reduction in Nim, lack of thinking, etc. Its main reasons have not been detected yet, but its risk factors are the side effects of the radiation, family history, HIV / AIDS etc.

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