Best Diet chart for a 25 year old man -Benefit

Good nutrition Diet  is essential for everyone, but for the youth of nowadays it is extremely important. Nowadays, due to busy routine and dull lifestyle, there has been a wildly increased increase in obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, X syndrome (mental problems) such as lifestyle disguise.

Best Diet chart for a 25 year old man -Benefit

Often, young people at a young age become more independent and start choosing their own choice in case of catering. Especially, when they go to roam out with their friends, at that time, junk food eat more, in which the amount of calories and feats is high. It is necessary to understand the choice of food options of adequate nutrition to stay healthy.

At the age of 20, you should take special care of protein. Protein increases the growth, strength and energy of the body. Not only this, protein maintains the muscles. And also keeps hair, nails and skin healthy and good. Include things like eggs, chicken, meat, paneer, plant-based proteins in your diet.

Include nuts and seeds, hormone-balancing foods such as blueberries, walnuts and oatmeal, liver-cleansing foods such as lemon, garlic, blood-boosting foods such as eggs, meat, fish, almonds and dried beans.

Whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice, oatmeal and whole wheat breads give strength and energy. Change your eating habits. Whole grains give you energy and strengthen the digestive system.

Include different colorful vegetables and fruits in your dietBecause from this we get various nutrients and vitamins. Protein, iron, calcium, minerals and vitamins are found in fruits and vegetables, which are essential for better functioning of the body.

The age from 20 to 25 is to eat, drink and build the body. Include plenty of dairy products like milk, curd, paneer and buttermilk in your diet. They provide nutrients like calcium, protein and vitamins

Diet chart for 20 to 25 years:

At 8 am :

3 Dry Figs + 3 Dates, soaked in 1 cup milk with 1 tbsp milk powder (Nestle Milk Power).

At 9 am :

1 Banana + Vegetable Upma / Brown Bread Sandwich / Moong Dal Chilla / Vegetable Paratha with Curd / Poha / Idli Sambhar / Uttapam or Dosa / Ragi Sattva.

11 am:

5 Almonds + 2 Walnuts + 4 Pistachios + 3 Cashews + 5-10 Raisins (Dry Grapes) or handful of Peanuts + Banana 1/ Boiled Sweet Potato 1 / Boiled Potato 1.

1:30 pm :

2 rotis 1 small bowl of rice 1 small bowl of paneer/sprouts or any other vegetable 1 small bowl of dal 1 small bowl of chhena/whey/ 1 glass of sweet lassi Sweets 1 small bowl (molasses/custard/kheer/shrikhand).

5 pm:

Makhana (handful) / Roasted gram + peanuts 7 pm – 2-3 small laddoos of dry fruits / 2-3 pieces of peanut chikki or laddoos / Dali chikki or Rajigira chikki.

8:45 pm :

Salad (Tomato / Carrot / Cucumber) 2 Chapatis 1 bowl Rice 1 bowl Usala or any other vegetable 1 bowl Dal .

10:30 pm :

150 ml milk + 1 tbsp equal milk powder or any other supplement of protein.

Keep in mind that what you are eating at this age will give strength to your body for the next twenty years. Eating foods rich in calcium helps build strong bones, which will help keep you active for the next 60 years. To make the body healthy and strong, consume plenty of sesame seeds, leafy green vegetables, oranges, broccoli and milk, curd etc.

Don’t do over eating :

At this age, you feel like eating junk food, due to which you start overeating. Sometimes you can eat outside but don’t make it a habit. Plan meals in small amounts instead of eating a lot at once.

Include green vegetables in your diet. Green vegetables increase nutrients in the body. Along with this, add one fruit daily in the diet. To avoid the problem of constipation, eat fiber-rich fruits.

You also have to stay away from calories. By eating more sweets, fat will start accumulating on your body. According to a research, getting rid of sweet addiction is more difficult than quitting alcohol, so pay attention to calorie intake from an early age.

Hydration is also necessary at this age, otherwise your energy will always be low. That’s why keep drinking water from time to time to keep yourself fresh.

Conclusion :

If you take care of these things, then this beautiful study of age will give you the gift of happiness and healthy life.

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