Disease X : What is Disease X ? vaccine ‘could be ready within 100 days of new threat emerging

Disease X vaccine ‘could be ready within 100 days of new threat emerging For the last 3 years, we have seen how people suffered from Corona and lakhs of people lost their lives.
Now once again a new epidemic has emerged. Which can be more deadly and deadly than Corona. Recently, information about this epidemic has come to the fore. Whose name is Disease X.

Disease X : What is Disease X ? vaccine ‘could be ready within 100 days of new threat emerging

Disease X:

Nowadays this disease is trending in news and social media.
The World Health Organization has declared this disease but complete information about this disease has not been revealed yet.

Talking about Disease X, this epidemic has come from Africa. According to news and social media, this disease has been seen in a Congolese woman. Which is being treated by covering it with plastic.

Medical experts said that Dr. Jean Jacques, who discovered Ebola, said that this epidemic is more deadly than Ebola.

Countries are being warned by the World Health Organization. That the world should be prepared for the coming new pandemic. Which is more deadly than corona and other deadly epidemics.
We’re hearing in the news and from health organizations that Disease X is a term. This can be the worst disease.

Organization (WHO) chief Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has given information about Disease X in the World Health Assembly meeting held in Geneva a few days ago.

The term disease X is used by WHO as a placeholder to describe one such disease. Medical science has not yet disclosed this. And even scientists have no information about this. It is being told that this disease may increase to a great extent in the coming time.

Concern about the disease is increasing among people:-

In reality this is a matter of concern. When Corona came, initially there was no medicine. And now there is neither any vaccine nor any medicine for it.
It is being told by the health organization that the disease X virus can be bacterial or fungal. It is being told that earlier this disease used to occur in animals, but now it is infecting humans and becoming a fatal disease.
Experts of the health organization say that this disease is originating from animals or wild animals. It can reach humans through contact with wild animals.
Earlier the concern was of Corona and AIDS, as soon as their vaccines became available, this new disease arose.

While consoling the people, Tedros has said that just as there was no vaccine during the Corona period. But people’s lives were saved by its invention. Similarly, some arrangements will be made soon.
We have to be ready to face this disease collectively.

Upcoming epidemic:

The WHO has identified infectious diseases that could cause the next pandemic. These diseases include Ebola virus, Marburg, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, COVID-19, Zika and perhaps the most dangerous disease is Disease X.

What will be the solution after all:

If experts are to be believed then there is no need to panic. We have to face this as a community. Medical companies and medical experts from all countries are engaged in finding its cure. Who will solve it soon.

Medical experts say that Covid-19 is not the last epidemic in the world. To avoid this, we should prepare well in advance.

According to WHO, the list of primary pathogens is being updated for which a global scientific process is being initiated in which plans will be made to deal with the coming threat. WHO said that all this is being done so that after knowing in advance, the loss of life due to such an epidemic can be reduced. Apart from Corona, in the last two years, viruses like Zika, Monkeypox and Nipah have caused large-scale loss of life.

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