Healthy routine – Daily Morning routine

A Healthy Routine Outside Starts from the Inside. A Calm Mind Brings Inner Strength and Self-Confidence, So That’s Very Important For Good Health. Those Obsessed with Health Are Not Healthy; The first requisite of good health is a certain calculated carelessness abouteself.

Healthy routine - Daily Morning routine

Some rules of healthy routine morning:

1.Get up two hours before morning sunrise (Brahma Muhurta). It is considered the most net time of the day. The body gets good comfort. The mind is alert, centered and peaceful.

2.After getting up, wash the hands and feet and drink 04 Anjali (a cup of carpenters added the palms of both hands), drink lukewarm / normal water.

Benefits : Diarrhea and urination easily gets out of the regular habit of drinking water in the morning, digestive power increases, diseases related to the digestive system are low and aging is delayed.

3.It is beneficial to give habit of abandoning natural desires at the morning.

Benefits Healthy routine  :

It helps to maintain health and prevent diseases. The tendency to suppress natural desires (Vega legislation is the root cause of many diseases.

4.After the defecation, clean teeth preferably, tough or bitter plants like Arka, Nimba, Negerid, Khadira, Karanj etc. After cleansing the teeth, the tongue should be cleaned by scraper. Teeth can also be cleaned by mixing the fine powder of Triphala (Horri, Bidhitki and Amalaki) or Triktu (Sunti, Pipali and Marich).

Benefits: By brushing teeth, frozen dirt gets out and helps in enjoying the taste.

Cleaning teeth and tongue a good health routine

5.After cleaning the teeth and tongue to keep the gums, mouth and throat healthy, the water should be done.

6.Put 3-5 drops of sesame oil / ghee or medicinal oil. In the morning regularly insert unlocked in each nasal hole.

Benefits: It protects the eye, ear, nose, head, Healthy Routine, wrinkles, baldness and hair from being quick.


It should not be applied after the birth of toxic situations, indigestion, respiratory diseases and child.

Drinking warm water in the morning (healthy Routine)

7.Fill the oral cavity with lukewarm or cold water / ghee / cooling milk / honey / honey mixed water with the coat of sesame oil and stop until the tears can not be released from the eyes and the nose or from one of the above Regularly make garquers.


It enhances the functionality of the senses; Removes wrinkles; Hair be white, dark circles on the face; The lips removes and prevents the lips and roughness, excessive saliva, dry face, tingling, moving teeth, oral cavity diseases, anorexia, loss of taste, impaired sight, sore throat.

8.Massage the whole body especially on the whole body, especially head, ears and sesame oil or coconut oil on the legs. Medicinal oils can also be used.

Benefits:  It increases skin and muscle tenderness and smoothness; Helps in the free speed of joints; Blood communication increases; Increases the power of the head and forehead and makes hair black, long and deep roots; Helps bring good sleep, increases the power to hear and helps in maintaining health.

Good sleep is a best healthy routine

9.Especially due to sleeping oil before sleeping, eyesight increases, fatigue and tightness of the feet are removed.


Cough, tuberculosis, heart disease etc. should be selected and limit caution should be done.

Healthy Routine clean nails and hair

10.Shaving, nails and hair cutting etc. should be regularly once in 5 days. It provides lightness and makes the person happy.

Healthy Routine in massage

11.Massage herbal powder in the opposite direction of hair roots on the body after exercise.

Benefits: It reduces fat, cleanses the skin and provides firmness to the organs, improves color and fixes itching and boils.

12.Neither do not be too hot and bath with very cold water.

Benefits: It removes dirt, sweat, itching, thirst, irritation and exhaustion. It also improves hunger, longevity, courage and strength. Hot water also gets strength, but do not put hot water on the head, otherwise the power of hair and eyes is over.


Facial paralysis, eyes, mouths, ear diseases, stomach flourishes, sinusitis, indigestion, suffering from diarrhea and do not advise bathing immediately after food.

13.Sit a few minutes and sit in peace for a while and care. Stay calm down and try to introspel. The whole day, in fact the whole world revolves around meditation. Meditation is an important part of Dinacharya because it helps in self-awareness.

Healthy Diet in morning

Diet should be controlled keeping in mind the country (region), time (time and weather and habit).

The food should be delicious, fresh and good appearance.

To maintain hygiene, food should be cool and comfortable in proper utensils in the proper place

Nutritious diet is necessary to maintain health and fight diseases.

According to diet digestion capacity should be a balanced diet in terms of nutrients and quantity. -Pure vegetarian food. More sketchy vegetables and fruit intake is beneficial for health.

Diet should be eaten by chewing harsh substances properly and do not eat very fast, very slow and talk while laughing or watching TV.

As far as possible, curd or whey should be consumed after meals.

Eating should neither be very hot nor cool

Avoid drinking water at least 15 minutes before meals. Water can be repeated and the amount of water should be reduced after food.

Avoid dried food. Low food consumption will ease digestion and improve the absorption of nutrients.

The next meal should be done next after digesting.

Master (heavy) food should be taken in limited quantity.

Master (heavy) food should not be eaten at night. After a while after dinner, suppose it is better to walk hundred steps.

After the meal, it should be avoided by doing heavy mental or physical work. Some rest is advised for proper digestion of food.

Healthy Breakfast

You Should Start Your Day With Almonds Soaked in Water At Night …

Raisin and Chuura Soak Them in Water At Night and Before Breakfast or Yoga and Walk Before You Can Eat Them




Green Juice

Milk and bread

You Should Eat Carbs and Proteins Such as a Balanced Diet Apart from this you can consume milk, juice, fruits, green tea, nuts, sprouts, seasonal fruits.

Healthy Lunch

Protein power Healthy plant oil or ‘Vegetable Element’ Lunch can take in the form of rice or chapati food. Dal and can take a vegetable. Take a pulse every day in the weeks. Use curd or buttermilk together. Eat bread

In lunch, it will definitely include bread and eat according to your weight. By the way, two to three loaves should be eaten to every work. Keep the matter that the roti is of wheat.

2. Somewhat Rice:

In the afternoon, the body should all be protein, fat, carbohydrate, so include rice light quantity in your lunch.

3. Urad’s pulse:

You can definitely take the pulse in the afternoon, but you should avoid the intake of urad. Nobody can eat something like that.

4. Green vegetables:

Include green vegetables in the afternoon, but it has a light taste because it remains fine.

5. Not exactly outside:

If you are hungry, but do not eat out every day because it can make you sick.

6. curd, buttermilk and raw onion:

In lunch, you must use curd, onion and resembling. These three things are nectar for humans. The women of the house should especially take care of these things.

7. When to eat food:

By the way, lunch should be done before 12 o’clock. Because our body needs more power at this time. Keep in mind that at this time, give food either food or eat light fruits and do lunch before 2 o’clock.

8. Water after food:

We often drink water while eating food which can harm our health and especially do not use cold water. Remember drinking water after eating water.

9. Easy and slowly:

Lunch should be done with peace and peace. Seen, we often think of finishing lunch in 5 minutes due to hurry in the afternoon time, which is not okay for our health, so remember the food slowly with food.

10. Prayer before meals:

Remember God for 10 seconds before starting the food. So now keep in mind these things before lunch. These habits affect your life to a great extent.

Nightline (routine in the night)

1. Dinner (dinner)

Dinner should be done at least three hours before sleeping. It should be light from lunch in which it is only easy to digest food and be eaten in a hot condition. Avoid consuming curd at night. Let’s go hundred steps after dinner, then lay in the left side position for 10-15 minutes.

2. Sleep (Nindra)

Sleep is overcome on the breakdown of the body due to the loss of physical labor and mental stress and tissues. The amount of sleep for children and old men is more necessary, while an average of 6-7 hours is necessary for an adult.

Although if someone wakes up at night, it can take a little sleep in the day. Sleep is not forbidden in the summer. But the sleep of the day in the winter is caused by breath and digestion problems. Before going to bed, it is advisable to massage oil on the head, soles and palm.


According to the above article, follow your routine, the body is healthy and cool. And you can live a good lifestyle.

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