Heart Attack : 4 symptoms of Heart Attack in Women

Heart attack, which is called Myocardial Infruct in Medical Language, is an Emergency Condition that can take life of a person in a serious situation. Due to not getting enough blood, your heart stops working, due to which the heart attack comes.

Heart Attack : 4 symptoms of Heart Attack in Women

When the heart muscles do not get blood in the proper amount, there is a problem of heart attack. The longer time will take the amount of blood to restore blood to the heart muscles, the heart will suffer as much damage and the risk for the patient will increase equally.

Risk of Heart Attack:-

Heart Attack was considered to be the bigger old age. But now it is also coming to the youth of 30 to 40 years of age. One of the five patents is less than 40 years. A few years ago today, 40 years of patients are going to heart attack.

If there is a chest pain due to the heart attack, then it happens continuously. This pain increases significantly by walking. If the left side is pain in the chest and reaching the shoulder or hands, then it may be a sign of heart attack. – If the pain starts from the chest, reach the pain, then contact the doctor.

Main causes of heart attack:-


More than 45 years for men, and more than 55 years of age are more likely to have a heart attack.


Due to the busy lifestyle, irregular diet, junk food, or more spicy food causes heart attack.


Heart attack can also be inherited in heritage.

Blood pressure:

due to hypertension, there is unnecessary stress on the heart.


Increasing weight is loud on the heart.


Those who consumed smoking and substance are at risk of heart attack.

Mental Stress:

Shift working people who do stressful work, or who pass through stress for a long time in their personal life, they can face the risk of heart attack.

Apart from these, the lack of oxygen in the heart, the level of high cholesterol, the risk of body inactivity and diabetes is the risk of heart attack.

Symptoms of heart attack:-

Chest pain, tightness, pain in shoulders, fatigue, sleep problems, heartbeat are indicated by heart attacks that should not be overlooked too.

Heart attacks can be fatal, so it is important to recognize them as soon as possible and contact emergency services. So keep these symptoms in mind. Such as

chest pressure

chest tightness

severe chest pain

Pain that occurs in the arms, neck, jaw or back.

feeling of heaviness in the chest

indigestion problem

Nausea and sometimes vomiting

to sweat



cough or wheezin.

Special symptoms of Heart Attack in Women

Symptoms of Heart Attack in Womens

See special symptoms of heart attack in women, it separates from men of abnormal fatigue, chest pressure, vomiting, upper back pain, pain in the throat and jaw pain.

Special symptoms of Heart Attack in Men

Symptoms of Heart Attack in Mens

See the special characteristics of Heart Attack in Men, then it includes the first shoulder, back, neck, jaw or stomach pain etc. After this, there is a clean indication of fast or irregular heartbeat, stomach trouble and continuous sweat.

Diagnosis of heart attack:

A heart attack can usually be diagnosed by the typical clinical symptoms and can be confirmed by carrying out the following tests:


Blood Test:



Cardiac CT or MRI Scan:

first aid of heart attack:-

Primary If you have Disprin, Ecosprin or Aspirin, then you should give it to the patient. Disprin, -Cosprin or Aspirin these medicines prevent clotting of blood.

If there is a heart patient in some house, then the 5mg tablet of Sorbitrate is to keep the tongue, it decreases the intensity of pain.

Immediately contact Ambulance of nearest Hospital.

Heart attack treatment:

Heart attack requires emergency treatment. It is very important that you get treatment as soon as possible to reduce the damage to your heart. Treatment varies depending on the severity of the condition, including medications, surgical intervention, and other procedures.


Your doctor prescribes medicines to prevent the formation of blood clots, relieve pain, regulate heart rhythm, dilate blood vessels, regulate blood pressure levels, etc. However, only your doctor can suggest you medicines.

Surgery and other procedures (Heart attack surgery):

Any of the following procedures may be required: which may be done simultaneously with medication.


This involves performing a coronary angiography, locating the blocked artery and opening the block with a balloon, and finally keeping the artery open and getting blood flowing through a stent at the blocked site.

Bypass surgery:

In this procedure, the surgeon replaces your vein or artery with a new one to remove the blocked or narrowed artery.

Some home remedies for heart attack:

This is not a spontaneous bypass only in case of heart failure. When a heart attack comes and the pain of Enfinea is out of tolerance, at that time homeopathy medicine ACONITE – 200 one drop three times on the tongue at an interval of 5-5 minutes, will get immediate relief within 5 to 6 minutes.

fenugreek seeds

Small fenugreek seeds are yellowish in colour, put one spoon in a glass of hot water in the evening and drink it regularly in the morning and chew the fenugreek seeds. Large fenugreek seeds are useful for making pickle. Have to give continuously for 3-4 months. Fenugreek removes bad cholesterol from the blood.

Gourd juice:

Gourd juice is to be extracted by grinding it without peeling, making a chutney of 5 to 10 leaves of basil, coriander and mint in it and adding it to 1 cup of gourd juice (150 ml) and taking it empty stomach in the morning is best. Can also be taken in the afternoon. 2-4 black pepper can also be added. It has to be taken only after 40 minutes of taking water or any other thing.

People with heart problems should not eat butter. Always have liquid foods first and solid foods after that.

Mixing honey or jaggery in half spoon powder of Arjun bark can be taken with lukewarm water.

Mix black pepper, mint and green coriander leaves in one glass of gourd juice and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning and evening for three months.

Never eat canned oil and refined oil. Never eat soybean oil. Sunflower oil should never be eaten.

The use of garlic is the best in this disease. Can be taken in cooked form as well as in raw form.

Drinking raw bottle gourd juice mixed with a little asafoetida and cumin in the morning and evening gives immediate benefits. You can also eat gourd vegetable.

Consuming grape juice regularly gives many benefits. Eating Gulkand also gives relief.

Taking out ginger juice and mixing some honey in it, licking it will give instant relief. Never give cold things during heart attack.


Take the symptoms and reasons given in the article seriously and get immediate treatment from the doctor. And take the remedies given in the article as advice. If there is even a slight possibility of heart attack, see the doctor immediately.

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