High blood pressure : New 5 Treatment for high blood pressure

High blood pressure is due to the disturbance of heart, kidney and blood operating system. This disease can happen to anyone. It comes in stealthy body and brings together many diseases.

High blood pressure : New 5 Reasons for high blood pressure

For many years, this disease does not know but when it is completely outbreak. Then reveals. Those who are more sensitive to anger, fear, sorrow or other emotions. They have more disease. Those who reduce hard work and live in more stress, do alcohol or smoking more, they also occur. There is a pain in the head and the dizziness starts. Heart beats gets sharp. In front of the eyes, there are symptoms such as darkness, sleeping etc.

Reasons of High blood pressure :

The cause of high blood pressure can be obesity, alcohol intake, smoking, family history or sedentary lifestyle. By the way, there is nothing special symptoms of hypertension. In such a situation, in many cases the patient takes a long time to diagnose his disease.

Symptoms of High blood pressure :

By the way, the symptoms of high BP do not know for many years, but there are some common symptoms, after which you can check blood pressure:

Change in vision

Pain in the chest


Difficult to breathe




Blood from the nose

*The following problems may occur by increasing blood pressure:

Increasing cells increases by increasing the actium blood pressure. And they take the form of an existence. It can be quite dangerous. Neurism says the local bulge of the arteries.

Heart Failure

High BP has more pressure on cells. Due to which the heart muscles become heavy. In such a way, there is no bloodstream and the Hart Felure can be a problem.

Heart attack

body cells with high blood pressure are strict and thick, due to which heart attacks and other problems begin to occur.

Problems related to the brain

Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure impacts on your ability to think and learn. Memory’s problems are considered common in people with high blood pressure.

*treatment of high bp :

 Home remedies  For high blood pressure :

Grind the pulse of pulses on the stone and take half a teaspoon every morning with empty stomach lukewarm water. 

Take half a teaspoon honey and half a spoonful of pulses with lentils. Fenugreeks give a spoon a glass of warm water in the evening and drink the empty stomach water in the morning and chew the granule and eat it.

Half a spoon Arjun’s bark Payer, with half the glass hot water, take the empty stomach in the morning, like the decoction, it fixes Blakees in BP, cholesterol, traiglisride, obesity, heart. Mix 1 hourly 5 coriander leaf, 5 paddy leaf, 5 basil leaf, 3-4 black peppers, add 1 hour to the leaf leaves, grind it on stones and grind it in a glass of water.

Boil until half of it and after that drink like a tea, the Bell also normal the sugar. Gumurtra take half a cup of empty stomach every morning.

High blood pressure is normal by grinding one or two buds of raw garlic.

Mixing lemon juice in honey and licking high blood pressure in the morning and evening.

By chewing the soft neem leaves or removing their juice, blood pressure is less and it is okay.

The high blood pressure is low by drinking the Gumurtra of the country.

This disease is removed from taking triphala powder every day in hot water.

The juice of the incense can also be beneficial or even the marmalade. Regularly take the radish in the food.

Squeeze lemon in hot water and mixing honey in it (in lukewarm water)

Water drinking high blood pressure will be normal for fifteen days continuously.

Changing your daily routine

*Changing your lifestyle can help in controlling and managing high blood pressure. Your doctor can recommend that you change the lifestyle that includes:

Limit alcohol

Not smoking

Sleeping 7 to 9 hours daily

Regular physical activity

Maintain healthy weight or lose weight

Increase heart-healthy diet with low salt


Sometimes changes in lifestyle are not enough to treat hypertension. If they do not help, then in such a situation, doctors suggest consumption of medicine to reduce your blood pressure.

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