Kidney Stones : Best 7 Treatment Kidney Stones For man and woman

Kidney stones are made from the deposit of chemicals found in the urine and due to this the person can have a strong pain in the stomach. Get information about the symptoms of Kidney Stone, diagnosis and treatment.

Kidney Stones : Best 7 Treatment Kidney Stones For man and woman

Kidney stones a normal conditions which almost the world of 5% population influences. In some cases, the symptoms of kidney stones feel very little, the same second and some people can feel excessive pain and severe bleeding. However, many treatments are available for kidney stones nowadays, but if the situation is not done early and treatment, the person may have to face serious complications. Here kidney stones type, signs, diagnosis and treatment options complete information about the is given.

What is kidney stones?

Kidney stones are like a harsh item, it is made when the concentrations of chemical substances present in urine are more than their certain level, i.e. there are many chemical substances in very low liquid. The size of the kidney stones can be different in every person, it can be so big that they completely fill the inner hollow parts of the kidney.

*However, usually kidney stones kidney in created, they urinary track other areas also can be. They kidney, the ureter, bladder and the urethra also present may be.

In many cases, the calculus goes into the ureter from Kidney, it is a nozzle that combines the kidney to bladder.

Many times the calculus goes into the bladder through the ureter, and may be emitted with urine. The other hand, if Stone ureter in gets stuck, so it urine flow to inhibit lead to be and muscle cramps may, resulting in person in the stomach excruciating pain, it with the person in the urine blood urine infection also can feel and if calculus long-term ureter blockage in created, making it urinary system invariant as may harm.

Types of kidney stones:


Calcium Stone is the most common type of kidney stones, which includes calcium oxolate and sometimes calcium phosphate or mallet chemicals. To reduce the risk of Calcium Stone, the doctor advises you to reduce the intake of high-upset foods such as Ruberb, Tomato, Chocolate, Nuts and Spinach, although the amount of calcium in your daily diet is minimal Should not be less than the level because less calcium is also a reason to be calcium stone. Kidney highly just calcium emitted be that many diseases in looks too calcium Stone to be the main factor is.

Urik Acid:

Uric acid Kidney Stone is mostly found in men, and usually it is more likely to develop in individuals suffering from diabetes, gout, obesity and other metabolic syndrome. It kidney Stone then made when Pee highly acidic gets or urine the amount of very decreases and the person in the blood of uric acid volume more is such as gout in the event. Sometimes there can be a stone due to increasing the amount of uric acid by eating more food items such as fish, meat and shellfish.


Strovight Kidney Stone is more in women than men. It’s Stone those in common. Who is more than urinary tract (UTI). kidney Stone other types of kidney Stone to come in greater. And frequently urinary interruption causes.


Although this kidney stone is rare and is mainly produced in individuals with a genetic disorder called Sistinuria. There is a natural acid found in the cysteine body which comes out of kidneys by urine.

Due to the use of medicines:

sometimes some medicines such as Indivator, Siklovir etc. can also become a kidney stone.

Symptoms of kedney stone:

The symptoms of kidney stones may include pain in the lower part of the back or stomach, blood or yellow piss with urination, the need for piss, vomiting, and stomach. If you get such symptoms, it is good to consult the doctor.


The stones can cause pain in the kidney or around it, which may feel in the lower part of the back or stomach.

Trouble in urination:

In the presence of calculus, there may be a problem during urination and the need to urinate may be faster.

Piss with blood:

Due to the effect of stone, a mixture of blood can be seen in urination.

Sharp urination:

The need to urinate due to stone can be faster.

Vomiting and Ubai:

Some people may have a problem of vomiting and subdue with stones.


If the stones are large then it can suppress the kidney, which can be inconvenient in the kidney work.

If you get these signs, it is important to consult the doctor.

Treatment of kidney stones with juice:

The kidney stones of operation and pain can take out with urine, these 8 types of juices

According to lemon juice studies, you should drink lemonade for kidney calculus. …

Tulsi juice :

Tulsi is an acetic acid, which helps to break the kidney stones and reduce the pain. It is also full of nutrients. This measure has been traditionally used for digestion and swelling disorders. Tulsi juice contain antioxidants and anti-inflaimer agents, and it can help keep kidney health.

Apple vinegar :

Apple vinegar is a fermented liquid which is made from crushed apples. It includes various minerals such as acetic acid, citric acid and potassium, which can contribute to its potential health benefits. ACV has gained popularity for many of its health claims, including weight loss, digestion and even manage the level of blood sugar.

Celery juice :

Celery juice is considered to remove toxic substances, which contribute to the construction of kidney stones. It has been used in traditional medicines for a long time. It also helps in taking out the dirt deposited in the body. Blend one or more stalks of celery and drink it all day.

Pomegranate juice :

The use of pomegranate juice has been done to improve the functioning of kidneys for centuries. It can take out the stones and other toxic substances from your system. It is full of antioxidants, which can prevent kidney from keeping healthy and developing calculus. It also reduces the acidity level of your urine.

The broth of Rajma :

The broth of cooked raj is a traditional dish, which is often used in India. It is used to improve urine and kidney diseases. According to the study, it can also help to dissolve and get out of the stones. Just filter the liquid from the cooked bean and drink some glasses throughout the day.

Dandelion’s root juice :

The root of the Dandalian or the liver plant is a better kidney tonic which stimulates the production of bile. It is believed that it helps to eliminate waste, increase urine production and improve digestion. It is also a better source of minerals like vitamins (A, B, C, D) and potassium, iron and zinc. A study has shown that the killer is effective in preventing the kidney stones.

Whitlass juice :

Whitagrass is full of many nutrients and is used to increase health for a long time. According to a study, increase the urinary flow to help remove the Wheatagras stones. There are also important nutrients, which help to clean the kidney. You can drink 2 to 8 ounces wheat juice per day.

*In Kidney Stone, you eat fiber vegetables such as, banana, apple, orange, coconut, peas, legumes, carrots, mushrooms, cucumber etc. Apart from this, do not eat the market box off because, it is more oil and salt which will work to increase this disease.

 *Best medicine and syrup for kedney stones :

Alopurinol (Allopurinol) Thiazide Diuretics

Potassium citrate (potassium citrate)

Prebiotics and probiotics (Prebiotics and Probiotics)Lasix or FUROCEMIADE (Furosemide) ,Medicitron syrup helps in the treatment and prevention of kidney stones. It prevents the building of stone and breaks small stones which are starting to be.


This article is only for general information. It can not be a drug or treatment option in any way. Always contact your doctor for more information.

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