Low blood pressure : 7 Home Remedies for low blood pressure

Low blood pressure There are many diseases in our body which we look at the idea of thinking that this is a common disease. Such a disease is low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure : 7 Home Remedies for low blood pressure

Do not take a blood pressure lightly. If the blood pressure is less than the decrease, dangerous conditions such as Felear from Organ Felear can also be created. People are suffering from a problem of blood pressure in the world. This disease seems so common that often anyone does not know about its symptoms and add it to some other physical changes or with common things. They can not only danger their life.

Low blood pressure :

Sometimes you can feel tired or dizziness from the following blood pressure. The normal amount of any person’s blood pressure should be 120/80. When any human blood pressure goes below 90/60, then this state is called BP or Hypotension.

Sometimes the reading of someone’s blood pressure is less than this simple quantity, it is counted in the category of flame BP. This can be any reason for any reason such as the lack of water in the body, the effect of medicine, surgery or serious injury, genetic or genetic, stress, drugs, eating bad habits, be hungry for more time. Irregular Khan Pan etc.

Type of Blood Pressure:

Based on the causes and factors of low blood pressure, can be analyzed by breaking into some categories:

1. Orthostatic, or posterile hypotension

due to orthostatic hypotension, when you stand by the situated position, the gravity deposits blood and blood pressure is suddenly decline.

2.PostPrandial Hypotension

This sudden decline in blood pressure affects mostly elderly. After your meal, blood is flown in your digestive system.

3.Nearline Mediated Hypotension

These following blood pressure disorders are due to wrong communication between the heart and the brain.

Symptoms of low blood pressure:

In many times, in some patient’s body, the following blood pressure also indicates a dark problem, especially when it suddenly decreases. Lo blood pressure are among the simple signs and symptoms:

Dizziness or walking head:

To be like vomiting, be narrow

unconsciousness (sink)

Fatigue or body heavy

To be troubled in meditation

Dark challenge in front of the eyes, blurred

Hand and feet cold

Face white

Difficult to breathe

To have trouble in eating

Treatment of low Blood Pressure

Keep body weight balanced

Do not smoke

Do not consume alcohol or caffeine

Sleep enough

Organize stress

Eat Sodium, Sugar, Refined Carbs and Processed Food

Make a light exercise daily

Take drugs to control blood pressure

Home remedies for low blood pressure

120 grams of jaggery in 1 glass water, slightly black or rock salt and lemon and drink 2 to 3 times a day

add a little salt to pomegranate juice, and drink.

put a little salt in sugarcane juice, and drink.

putting a little salt in the juice of the saints Drink.

add a little salt to pineapple juice, and drink

add a glass of jaggery, butter and black pepper,and drink.

put a spoonful ghee in a glass cow’s milk and drink it in the water while adding salt to water or add both jaggery and salt and Drink.

Use of raw garlic mostly or two to everyday

Eat crushing. This remains fine.

Drinking arjun’s bark gets relief from drinking or Arjun’s bark

Mix and jig the powder into milk

Make a decoction with a tola mathi granule.

Like drinking disease will be removed.

Pouring pomegranate juice, salt is beneficial by drinking regular.

While consuming onion every day, blood pressure is not often Is.

Best medicine for low blood pressure :




First of all, if the following blood pressure is lying and standing and standing in both situations, BP checks. Immediately contact a doctor should contact. Due to any medication, the following blood pressure is complaining, we can reduce the amount of drug with the doctor’s advice or can completely close.

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