lower Abdominal pain : lower abdominal pain female

lower Abdominal pain is a common health ailment. Stomach pain can be caused by anything. lower Abdominal pain can be caused due to swelling in the stomach, constipation, gas, menstruation etc. To cure them, we can do treatment at home also, for this we should follow our daily routine properly. Stomach pain can be relieved only by eating on time, eating balanced food etc.

lower Abdominal pain : lower abdominal pain female

Abdominal pain can be of many types

lower abdominal pain  can be mild and sharp and can also cause abdominal cramps. Diseases affecting the abdominal organs can cause inflammatory lower abdominal pain.

1. Lower abdominal pain due to gas:

Gas usually causes pain in the stomach, but in some situations, when excess gas is produced, due to this, pain can also be felt in the upper part of the back.

2. Due to swelling of the stomach:

Abdominal bloating occurs when an area of the abdomen is larger than normal. This is sometimes referred to as a distended abdomen or a bloated abdomen. There is always an unpleasant or sometimes painful bloated abdomen. A bloated stomach has many possible causes and is a common occurrence. Most people experience bloating or swelling at some point for a variety of reasons. There is a feeling that the abdomen has been stretched and stretched, which can be uncomfortable.

3. Lower Abdominal pain due to menstruation:

Most of the women suffer from this pain, sometimes this pain is unbearable. Means restlessness and mild pain in the stomach, especially on the day the period starts.

4.Generalized stomach pain :

It is not necessary that the root cause of abdominal pain is any disease. It can also happen due to constipation, gas, overeating, stress, or muscle strain.

5.Localized lower abdominal pain..

Localized lower abdominal pain is found in one area of the abdomen and is more likely to be caused by one of the organs such as the appendix, gall bladder or stomach. Cramps are not serious most of the time. This is most likely due to gas and bloating or before or during a woman’s menstrual cycle.

6.Abdominal pain due to cramps or colic:

Abdominal pain or abdominal cramps is a common problem, which almost everyone has had or still has at one time or another.lower Abdominal pain can also be caused by problems in different parts of the abdomen:

Abdominal pain can be due to a variety of reasons and it can be related to one or more than one of the different organs. Some of the different parts of the abdomen that can cause pain are the following:

1. lower Abdominal muscles:

Muscle tension, muscle spasms, or exercise can cause pain.

2.Stomach Immune System:

Infections, infestations, or other immune system problems can cause pain.

3.Intestines: Problems related to the intestines such as bowel problems, gas, constipation, or uneven pressure in the abdomen can cause pain.

4.Abdominal Skin:

Sometimes skin related problems can also cause abdominal pain.


Women may have problems related to the uterus or pain in the uterus.


Kidney problems can also cause abdominal pain.


Abdominal congestion, indigestion, or bowel related problems can also cause lower abdominal pain.

If you are having abdominal pain and it is getting severe, you should consult a doctor.

Some home remedies for lower Abdominal pain.

1.Drinking water:

Drinking enough water can reduce stomach pain and keep the body hydrated.


Lie down in a very comfortable position to relax your body.

3.Hot water bag:

Placing a hot water bag on the stomach can provide relief.

4.Dry Figs:

Soaking dry figs in water overnight and eating them in the morning can provide relief in stomach pain.

5.Ajwain `Celery ‘ water:

Soaking ajwain seeds in water and drinking that water can provide relief in stomach pain.

6.Glove tea:

Making tea of mint, ginger, fennel, cardamom and basil leaves and drinking it can be beneficial in stomach pain.

If abdominal pain is severe or is recurring, it is important to consult a doctor.

Home remedies for stomach pain :

1.Ginger juice:

Drinking fresh ginger juice mixed with warm water can provide relief in stomach pain.

2.Mint tea:

Making tea from mint leaves and drinking it can be beneficial in stomach gas and pain.

3.Ajwain [Celery ]water:

Soaking ajwain seeds in water and drinking that water can provide relief in stomachache.

4.Hot water bag:

Keeping a hot water bag on the stomach can also reduce the pain.

5.Coriander water:

Mixing lemon juice in coriander water and drinking it can be beneficial in stomach pain.


Try to avoid fried, spicy, pungent food and foods that generate gas in the stomach.

Remember that these tips are for general abdominal pain only. If abdominal pain is severe or persists for a long time, it is extremely important to consult a doctor.

Causes of abdominal disease :

Stomach diseases

Appendicitis (inflammation or swelling of two veins near the abdomen): Nux omica 30/200/1000 taken once a week or every other day will cure in three to four weeks. Two-two drops three times in 10-10 minutes.

constipation / flatulence / indigestion

After we take food, it is digested by the digestive system. Digestion begins with the chewing of grass in the mouth. After that, the process of digestion of food starts after reaching the stomach through the esophagus.If there is any kind of obstruction in this process, then the food is not digested properly and indigestion occurs and then constipation occurs. sour belches come and one starts feeling nauseous. Its home remedies are as follows.

1.Use Triphala Churna at night in case of constipation or mix it with milk and drink it before going to bed at night.

2.Smell comes from the mouth means the stomach is not clean means take triphala or ghee in milk at night.

3.Gas starts passing by licking ginger sauce mixed with salt.

4.Make a powder by taking dry ginger + black pepper + peepal in equal quantity.

5.Take mint juice mixed with cold sugar or jaggery.

6.Constipation is removed by drinking water kept in a copper vessel at night before going to the toilet in the morning.

7.Constipation is cured by taking one spoon Triphala with warm milk at night.

8.If the food is not digested, then drink Phalsa juice mixed with rock salt and black pepper • Phalsa is also beneficial in bile disorders.

9. Raw onion juice is beneficial in stomachache, indigestion, wind and afra.

Lower Abdominal pain and acidity:

Acidity starts forming in the stomach during constipation. Sour belches come. Feels ‘heaviness’ in the stomach. There is no desire to eat anything. Following are its home remedies:-

1.Taking amla powder with plain water removes acidity. Consuming radish with food will be beneficial.

2.Mixing black pepper and sugar candy in a glass of plain water and drinking it cures bile.

3.Do not eat acidic things to reduce acidity. And eat more alkaline things. Always drink water sip by sip Follow all the rules of drinking water

4.Roasted ajwain on a griddle and adding a little black salt must be eaten after meals.

5.In the food item, there are things like garbage, noodles, chowmein etc. which are made from flour and that too from rotten flour and pork juice is mixed in these noodles to bring taste.

6.It is best to eat rock salt in daily life. Eat less sea water salt

7.Don’t take cow urine extract more than 1 spoon and if cow urine is pure then take 1/2 cup, after taking it for 3-4 days there will not be much problem in taking it.

8.Boil cumin seeds in water and give it twice a day.

Acidity / Ulcer (any wound occurring in the stomach or alimentary canal):-

– Boil dry ginger, cumin and black salt in water and drink for acidity.

-For ulcers, boil cumin and salt in water and drink, and you can also take boiled water and turmeric.


No matter what kind of stomach pain one should never press the stomach. If abdominal pain is common then do the above home remedies. Or take medicine or any home remedy with the advice of a doctor.


There are several types of abdominal pain: generalized abdominal pain, localized, cramping or colic etc. The reasons for all these can be different, some remedies for them have been mentioned in the above remedies, including them in your lifestyle will be of great benefit.


stomach pain Do home remedies if there is a problem and see a doctor if there is more trouble.

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