Migraine : Cause of headache /migraine relief

Migraine is a common health problem. In which there is pain in any part of the head. This can happen due to various reasons like stress, overwork, less sleep, bad habits, etc. If the headache is unbearable, see a doctor immediately.  Migraine can be of different types.


Reasons of Migraine

Headaches can have many reasons, such as stress in your body, change in routine, intake of cold water, mental disorders, or other health problems. If your headaches are recurring or causing a lot of discomfort, it is best to consult a doctor.

 1. Migraine /headache

 1. Tension headache:

Muscle tension is often a factor in these headaches. Tension headaches cause constant pain rather than throbbing pain and affect both sides of the head. Tension headaches can be long-term, occur often or every day.

2. Change in routine:

Headache also occurs due to change in routine. For example, not being able to sleep on time, excessive use of computer, mobile phone spoils the routine, which can cause headache.

3. Mental disorders:

There is severe headache in diseases like depression and anxiety.

4. Other health problems:

Sometimes due to lack of water in the body, headache occurs even after not eating on time. Many times, due to unbalanced diet, there is gas in the body due to which headache starts.

Don’t take it in a sleepy manner. Eating at one time and taking excessive stress can be the cause of headache.

Symptoms of headache :

The symptoms of headache can be of different types. And these can be detected from the causes and types of headache.

Some common symptoms may be

1.Increased stress and anxiety:

Worrying all the time also aggravates the headache.

2. Headache sensation:

Recurring pain in the head for a long time. Due to this, there is a feeling of pain in the head. Measures can be taken to prevent this in the beginning.

3. Sensitivity to loud noises or bright lights:

Many times it happens that going to places with more light and more noise, severe headache is also a symptom of headache.

4.Vomiting or cramping feeling:

Sometimes it feels like vomiting after having a headache. Cramps start happening in the body.

5. Swelling or spots in the eyes:

Sometimes the eyes become red due to headache and there are red spots in the eyes.

Consult a doctor if severe headache occurs.

Types of headache :

Generally there are 150 types of headache. Its different symptoms are visible.

Some types of headache are described as follows. The following are also the symptoms that occur when these headaches occur…

1. Migraine:

One is headache and the other is migraine. Even then people tolerate headache, but early treatment of migraine is very important. There is a severe pain in the head which is very difficult to bear. The pain also increases with the increasing sunlight from above.

Although it is better to consult a doctor for the treatment of migraine, but you can get relief to a great extent by doing some home remedies. Let us take a look at the symptoms of migraine through this article so that people can recognize this disease in time and avoid the damage caused by it.

Symptoms of Migraine-

1. Migraine pain throbbing in the head mostly starts from one part of the head.

2. People who suffer from migraine headaches usually also experience inability to perform routine activities, pain in the eyes, nausea and vomiting.

3. They can be hypersensitive to light, sound and smell changes.

4. Yawning unnecessarily throughout the day is also a symptom of migraine.

5. People suffering from migraine headache experience Aura.

6. They feel a temporary loss of sensation or a feeling of pins and needles being pricked.

7. Sleep is not good due to migraine pain.

8. There is terrible pain in the eyes during migraine. There is a lot of burning sensation even in blinking the eyelids.

9. headache are also symptoms of migraine.

10. Changes in mood happen very fast during migraine. Some patients suddenly feel very sad without any reason or sometimes become very excited.

11. Before the pain of migraine, some people have increased craving for foods.

12. Migraine pain can get worse with regular activities like walking or climbing stairs.

13. Experiencing the need to pass urine repeatedly in migraine is also a symptom of it.

Home remedies to get rid of migraine :

1. Leafy vegetables-

Leafy vegetables are important in home remedies for migraine. You will say that what is there in leafy vegetables, then you should know that magnesium is found in abundance in leafy vegetables. The presence of sufficient amount of magnesium provides relief from migraine. Along with this, if you can take some whole grains like oatmeal or sea creatures etc.

2. Sleep is necessary-

Sleep also plays an important role in the treatment of migraine. Therefore it is important for a person suffering from migraine to get enough sleep.

3. Exercise is also necessary-

We should exercise even if nothing happens. The role of exercise is important in home remedies for migraine. The reason for this is that by doing exercise or yoga, stress goes away to a great extent.

4. Say no to junk food-

Junk food is becoming the root of many diseases. The condition of fast food or canned food is also similar.

5. Ginger also fights with migraine-

Ginger, rich in its excellent medicinal properties, also gives relief in migraine for you. Its one special thing is that you can take ginger by adding it to food or tea as per taste.

6. Stay away from bright light-

There is a deep connection between bright light and migraine.

7. Peppermint oil-

Peppermint oil also provides great relief in migraine.

8. Eat fish-

Migraine sufferers should also eat plenty of fish.

9. Milk is also a home remedy for migraine.

Milk also plays an important role in the treatment of migraine. But the thing to keep in mind in this is that it is beneficial. But the thing to keep in mind is that the milk you take during this time should be fat free. During this, you can also consume fat-free milk or products made from it.

10. Don’t worry

The main reason for migraine in which you have unbearable pain in your head can be worrying, working late at night, mental weakness, cold, catarrh, constipation, malaria etc.

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache that most people suffer from. Stress at work, daily fights and failures in life can lead to tension due to many other reasons which lead to headache.

2. Tension headache:

Tension headaches are characterized by mild, moderate, or severe pain around the eyes, head, and neck. Some people feel like a tight band on the forehead in tension headaches. Most people get a tension headache once or twice every month.

There are two types of headaches caused by tension – episodic and chronic. Episodic tension headaches last from 30 minutes to a week and have a gradual onset. This type of headache occurs in the afternoon. While chronic tension headache may last for a few hours or last longer. There is severe headache throughout the day.

What are the symptoms of tension headache?

Tension headache affects many systems of the body. A person suffering from headache has pain all over the head but the pain usually starts from the back of the head or above the eyebrows.

1.Pressure around the forehead

2.Severe headache

3.Sensation or tightness in the forehead or back of the head

4.Loosening of the muscles of the shoulders and neck

5.Trouble sleeping

6.Muscle pain

7.Difficulty concentrating.

Apart from this, some other symptoms also appear:….

A. Tiredness

B.Sudden weakness


D.Uninterested in work

E. Heaviness in the eyes

F. Anxiety and restlessness.

What is the cause of tension headache?

There is no known exact cause of headache. Experts believe that the contraction of the muscles of the face, neck and scalp, being over-emotional, stress and tension cause headaches. Also, headache is caused due to stress in office, school, family and relationships.

Tension headache is not hereditary. Headaches are caused by not getting enough rest, sitting in the wrong position, mental disorders, fatigue, iron deficiency in the body, feeling hungry, consuming alcohol or caffeine, problems with the jaws or teeth.

How is tension headache diagnosed?

1.To diagnose a tension headache, the doctor examines the body and also looks at the family history of the patient. Some tests are done to know this disease:

2.A CT scan uses X-rays to detect abnormalities inside the brain.

3.MRI examines the soft tissue of the brain.

4.In some patients, headache is detected by a blood test. Apart from this, headache is diagnosed on the basis of the causes by asking some personal questions to the patient.

How is tension headache treated?

1.There is no exact treatment for headache. But, some therapies and medicines can reduce the effect of headache in a person. Various types of medications are used for headache caused by tension:

2.Over the counter painkillers such as aspirin, and naproxen are given to the patient to reduce the headache. Along with this, Indomethacin and Ketorolac medicines also provide relief in headache.

3.A combination of two medicines, aspirin and acetaminophen, is given together to treat a severe headache caused by tension. Combination drugs are more effective and the headache becomes milder when consumed.

4.Triptans and narcotics are prescribed to patients with episodic tension headache. These medicines provide relief to the person by reducing the symptoms of headache.

5.Tricyclic antidepressant medicines such as amitriptyline and protriptyline provide relief from tension headaches.

6.Doctors also prescribe medicines like Venlafaxine and Mirtazapine for the treatment of headache.

3.cluster headache:

 What are the symptoms of cluster headache?

Cluster headaches begin suddenly without any prior signs or symptoms of such an event. You may occasionally experience migraine-like nausea and uneasiness. Common symptoms associated with a cluster headache include –

throbbing pain on the left side of the head or behind one eye that may spread to the face, neck, and other parts of the head

1.sweating and anxiety

2.congestion and runny nose

3.watering and redness of the eye

4.constriction of the pupil in the eye

5.Red and hot face with pale skin

6.droopy eyelids with puffy eyes

7.Swelling of the face on the affected side.In addition to the above symptoms, you may also experience migraine-like symptoms such as sensitivity to sound and light, though usually on the affected side.

What are the causes of cluster headache?

Although the exact reason behind the occurrence of cluster headaches is unknown, experts believe that an abnormality in the body’s biological clock, ie the hypothalamus, plays a role.

Engaging in any of these tasks can cause a headache on one side if you are in the middle of a cluster period. This also includes –

A. Cigarette smoking.

B.Drink wine

C.Breathing in a strong odor.

Other possible causes or triggers include the intake of drugs such as nitroglycerin, a drug used to treat heart disease.

4.Allergy or sinus headache:

The sinuses are small air spaces in the head that are found behind the nose, eyes, and cheeks. They open into the nose and allow mucus to drain and air to circulate normally.

When the nasal membranes and upper airways are infected, for example from a cold, the small passages from the sinuses to the nose become blocked. This prevents mucus from draining and causes pressure to build up inside the sinuses.

You may feel full and congested for a while, but this usually gets better once the cold goes away.

Sinus headache synonyms.

1.The sinuses are small air spaces in the head that are found behind the nose, eyes, and cheeks. They open into the nose and allow mucus to drain and air to circulate normally.

2.When the nasal membranes and upper airways are infected, for example from a cold, the small passages from the sinuses to the nose become blocked. This prevents mucus from draining and causes pressure to build up inside the sinuses.

3.You may feel full and congested for a while, but this usually gets better once the cold goes away.

Ways of avoid sinus headache.

See your doctor if you think you have a sinus headache. Once they have decided that it is definitely a sinus headache and not a tension type headache or migraine. They can then prescribe some medicines to treat your internal infection.

1.You may be prescribed any of the following medicines which can help relieve congestion, swelling and runny nose.

2.decongestant tablets and nasal spray

3.antihistamine tablets

4.corticosteroid nasal spray

Place a cool soft cloth on your affected sinus for a few minutes and repeat this a few times throughout the day.

Headache can also occur due to some common reasons for which some home remedies can be done.

1. Applying the juice of bael leaf on the forehead ends headache.

2 sandalwood and mixing camphor in it and applying it on the forehead gives relief.

3.Finely mash the gourd’s pulp and apply it on the forehead.

4. Mix a little dry ginger in the juice of basil leaves and apply it on the forehead. Grinding 5. green coriander and applying it on the forehead also gives relief.

5. In case of headache due to gas, squeeze lemon in hot water and drink it.

6. Putting 2 drops of lemon juice in the ear provides relief in headache.

Best medicine of normal headache:

1. Saridon

2. Paracetamol

3. Aspirin


Headache, pain in the upper part of the head. The most common is episodic tension headache, which usually causes mild to moderate pain on both sides. They often result from continuous contraction of the muscles of the face and neck due to fatigue, stress, or frustration. Chronic daily headaches are similar but occur more frequently. They usually have a psychological cause and they respond to certain antidepressants. They can also come from overuse of painkillers. Migraine and cluster headaches are vascular headaches. Headaches can also be caused by dilation of the arteries at the base of the brain, a fever, a hangover, or an attack of high blood pressure.


In case of any type of headache, immediately consult a doctor and get treatment. But if you have a normal headache for some time, try home remedies. And don’t use medicine from time to time.

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