New Home remedies for any disease in 2023

Home remedies for any disease In our childhood, how much our grandmother or grandmother used to worry about us as if we are healthy or not, we do not have any kind of problem, we are not getting cough, they used to take care of us often that we are fit. Or not.

New Home remedies for any disease in 2023

Be it preparing all kinds of delicious dishes for us in childhood or reading our favorite bedtime stories, our grandmothers and grandmothers always held a close place in our hearts.

We have to thank not only grandmother’s stories but her home remedies, which were not only effective but also natural. These remedies helped us to face many diseases and problems easily. We have brought these recipes in front of you once again. These are not only easy to do but also remind us of the memorable times we spent with our grandparents in our childhood.

Get rid of disease sitting at home remedies :

In cough home remedies:

In cough – Mixing half a teaspoon of black pepper powder in honey and licking it gives relief. Take black pepper in hot water or as herbal tea: You can boil 5-6 black peppercorns in a cup of water 2-3 times a day. Filter this water, then mix honey in it and drink it. Chew directly: You can mix 4-5 black peppercorns and 1-2 teaspoons of honey and chew directly. You can do this 2-3 times a day

On burning home remedy:

Grind fenugreek and apply. If there is severe burning sensation after burning with fire, then apply aloe vera gel. Ice is also very effective to give relief in burning sensation, keep ice on the affected area for five to 6 minutes, it reduces the risk of blisters to a great extent.

If there are blisters in the mouth, gargle with a decoction of nutmeg.

When there is a wound Heat turmeric in oil and apply it.

Boil two teaspoons juice of neem leaves and two teaspoons mustard oil in four teaspoons of water.

When only oil remains after burning all the water, cool it and filter it and apply it on the wounds and bandage it. The wounds will heal by healing.

Mixing ground turmeric in ghee or oil and heating it, soaking cotton in it and tying a bandage on the wound heals the wound. Tying a bandage of honey on the wounds also gives relief

To get rid of the habit of smoking, roast fennel in ghee and eat it.

If you are sick  apply turmeric after heating it in oil.

On urinating on the bed due to weather change – eat fennel after roasting it in ghee.

In case of stomach ache, boil cloves in water and drink. You will get relief in some time.

On sprain – eat black pepper after roasting it in ghee or cooking it in a vegetable. Massaging garlic by heating it in oil also gives relief.

In chronic fever

Take one gram ajwain with water at bedtime.

On flatulence – Drink ajwain mixed with some salt. Drink warm water mixed with salt. Boiling cumin seeds in water and drinking a little lemonade gives relief.

Burning in urine

Eat cumin mixed with jaggery. Consume foods and drinks that have a cooling effect.

If bile spews, chewing cinnamon will make a difference.

In joint pain

Make powder of small cardamom and take it with water.

In hiccups

apply asafetida mixed with ghee.

In pneumonia – apply lukewarm ginger juice. Ginger nugget should be sucked.


Drink asafetida mixed with water.

In the habit of eating soil eat myrobalan and drink milk from above. Take ajwain powder at night.

By adopting these simple methods, the disease can be eradicated.

Instead of spending money behind every type of disease, you can stay healthy by using the ingredients available in the kitchen.

Conclusion :

By trying the remedies given in the article, you can get rid of the disease sitting at home.

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