Stomach stones : Best 5 Treatment of stomach stone

Stomach stones are hard deposits made of minerals and salts that form inside your stomach. Diet, redundant body weight, certain medical conditions, and certain supplements and specifics are among the numerous causes of order monuments.. Today we will tell about stomach stones in this blog.

Stomach stones : Best 5 Treatment of stomach stone

What is stones? (Pathri Kya Hai)

In terms of medicine, the calculus is a rigid, stone structure which can be developed in different parts of the body, which includes Urinary Tract, Carrier Glender, Pancakes, Gallbladder, Kidney and Tonsil. Depending on the location and size of the stones, the effect of stones on the human body can be extended from the light inconvenience to severe pain and problems.

Based on the severity of the situation, medicines may include dietary changes, or surgical procedures in the treatment options of calculus. Preventive measures, such as remaining hydrated, oral hygiene, and avoiding some foods, can also help reduce the risk of development.

The main reason for becoming a stone is the imbalance of minerals, salts and other substances. When these substances are present in high concentration, they can make crystals which make slowly and solid masses which are called stones. Accurate cause of imbalance based on the type of stone

The pain connected to the stones is usually in the lower back, stomach or waist area. Pain can be different depending on individual factors such as pain and intensity stone size and place along with pain tolerance and sensitivity.

Symptoms of stomach stones :

Symptoms of becoming a calculus in different parts of the body are different depending on the affected part. Kidney’s stones can cause severe pain in stomach, waist, or back and can lead to other problems, such as urinary tract infection, blockage or kidney damage. Patia and vomiting on the kidney stones.

In the case of calculus in the glory, small stones develop in the glory, which can lead to pain and swelling in the affected glender. Similarly, the calculus of Pancakes, which is rare, can cause stomach pain (PET DARD), swelling and pancractitis.

Tonsil is made of stones, bacteria, food particles and other debris, which are trapped in the cracks of Tonsil, thereby difficulty in breath, sore and swallowing in the throat.

If the calculus is in the urinary tract, then it can cause symptoms such as painful urination, repeatedly coming to the Urine or blood.

In addition, when it is located in the gallbladder, then the upper right in the stomach creates inconvenience and pain.

It is possible that it will create important inconvenience in the back or side.

 Stomach stones causes (Stomach Pain)

The stomach calculus is rigid, pebbles that are usually made inside the gallbladder. Symptoms of stomach include:

1. Stomach Stones Pain (Pet Dard):

The most common symptom of stomach in the stomach upper right stomach or sudden and severe pain in the middle stomach. The pain can also be radiated in the back or right shoulder.

2. Nausea and vomiting:

Many people experience nausea and vomiting, especially after eating food containing food.

3. Jaundice:

If the bile stone blocks the bile duct, it can cause skin and eye yellowness, which is called jaundice.

4. Fever and cold:

In some cases, due to the calculus, fever and cold may be a sign of infection.

5. Ceramic stool:

Due to lack of bile pigment, the stool can make the stool light or soil.

Treatment of stomach stones :

In addition to the location and size of the calculus (calculus) treatment of calculus in different parts of the human body depends on many factors including the overall health of the patient.

For example, the treatment of kidney stones can be done with medication to help manage pain management, increase in fluid intake and naturally out. In some cases, surgery or shock wave therapy is required to break large stones.

*Indigenous treatment of Stomach stones:

Wash the greens or Bathua’s greens and boil it in water and filter it with boiled water cloth and mix black pepper, cumin and a little rock salt and drink it several times a day. A few weeks will get benefit.

Boil in the water and boil the water in the water and drink it after being watered and eat cucumbers with food.

Remove her juice with clothes and clothes. Drink empty stomach in the morning. This will end up broken down.

Take the loar with honey, with pissed by piss

Get out


Eating empty stomach raw carrots chewed and chewed Get relief.

Create a paud of the incense and chew and chew it on the empty stomach radish.

Mix rock salt and a little honey in the juice of two spoonfuls.

The stem juice controls stones, ear pain and more urination.

Print the brew of the clash / Panchad Veda will make the brew out of the stones in 15-20 days.

Avoid this diet:

Never choose the stony stone.

Tomatoes, carrots, spinach, fenugreek, milk should not eat any such thing.

*Benefits of drinking hot water in Stomach stone:

People with Kidney Stones (Kidney Stones) can get many benefits from drinking hot water. Hot water helps to get toxic substances and other waste products from the body, which includes minerals which can cause rituals of Stamoch stones.

In addition, hot water can help reduce kidney stones, which becomes easy to remove them. It can help reduce the pain and trouble associated with kidney stones. The hot water can also help calm the urinary tract and reduce inflammation, which can be particularly beneficial for people with urinary tract infection.

Overall, drinking hot water can be a simple and effective way to support health and reduce the risk of stones.

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Consult a doctor and first confirm whether it is stone or not. After that adopt the primary treatment as given in the article.

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