Thyroid : New Top 7 Treatment for thyroid

Thyroid The butterfly-like gland located in the lower part of the neck is called thyroid in medical language. Its job is to control many essential activities of the body such as converting food into energy etc.

Thyroid : New Top 7 Treatment for thyroid

Thyroid Causes:-

Thyroid can be due to many reasons. These reasons are given below.

Iodine deficiency makes thyroid problems worse, but there have been some improvements in treatment in recent times. The problem of thyroid is being told less due to iodine deficiency.

In autoimmune diseases such as Graves’ disease (which causes hyperthyroidism) or Hashimoto’s disease (which causes hypothyroidism), the body may attack its own immune system, specifically the thyroid gland.

Inflammation of the thyroid gland due to bacteria or viruses.

Benign lump in thyroid.

Cancer or tumor in the thyroid gland.

Radiation therapy, thyroid surgery, and certain medications can also make thyroid problems worse.

Genetic predisposition to thyroid diseases.

Sometimes, pregnancy can also create an imbalance in the body and this can lead to thyroid problems.

Thyroid Symptoms:

When there is an imbalance in the way the thyroid gland functions, it can appear in the body in the form of many symptoms. Please note that not everyone suffers from all these problems, but if you have a lot of these problems, it could be a sign of thyroid gland problems.

Unintentional changes in weight :

it can be either a lot of weight gain or a lot of weight loss.

Changes in sleep patterns :

insomnia or excessive sleepiness are triggers to worry about thyroid diseases.

feeling much hotter or colder than other people

Nervousness and anxiety:

Thyroid gland controls the activities of our brain and when there is an imbalance in the thyroid hormones, confusion and nervousness can arise in the mind of the patient.

Change in bowel patterns;

Constipation or frequent bowel movements are common in people with thyroid problems thinning hair, especially on the eyebrows.

Change in periods :

heavy or light periods is not a good sign.

infertility or miscarriage.

Flatulence – This is due to fluid retention in the body


Pain in the muscles.

Treatment of Thyroid:-

Doctors prescribe medicines that control the production of excess thyroid hormone. Usually, if patients respond well to treatment and hormone production is under control, they can stop taking the drugs. Thyroid surgery is a last resort when medications are ineffective in controlling the overproduction of hormones.

For underactive thyroid:

In this condition lifelong treatment is required. Oral medicine is a synthetic thyroid hormone and can be very helpful. People usually gain weight and a lot of fatigue and mental fogginess goes away.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

It helps in balanced production of hormones. It is helpful in regulating body fat, removing toxins from the body and absorption of nutrients. It can be taken by mixing it with honey and water.


Ginger is rich in essential minerals like potassium and magnesium and helps combat inflammation. The easiest is to take ginger tea. Vitamin B: Vitamins help fight the causes of thyroid problems. It is especially important for people suffering from hypothyroidism to get help with vitamin B12. Including eggs, meat, fish, legumes, milk and walnuts daily can help for a steady supply of vitamin B.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D deficiency can cause thyroid problems. The body can only get it through exposure to the sun, so get 15 minutes of sunlight daily. This will also improve the ability to fight against diseases. Some foods are branded products, sesame seeds, orange juice and egg yolks, which are rich in vitamin D. It is necessary to satisfy when the level of Vitamin D in the body is very low.

Foods that are rich in Vitamin D include dairy products, sesame seeds, orange juice and egg yolks. Supplements will be necessary if vitamin D levels in the body are too low.

Almonds are best suited for thyroid health. . Selenium is found in almonds which is a healthy nutrient for the thyroid.

Milk and its products Milk, paneer and curd are very beneficial for thyroid as they are high in iodine.


Beans are rich in fiber, protein, essential minerals and vitamins. In which complex carbohydrates and antioxidants are found in abundance. Being high in fiber, it helps combat constipation, a common side effect of hypothyroidism.


Flaxseeds are rich in good fatty acids that are good for the heart and thyroid. Rich in magnesium and vitamin B12, flax seeds fight hypothyroidism.

Regular exercise:

Regular exercise is the most important to maintain good thyroid functioning. Medicines and natural remedies are fine, but it should be combined with proper exercise. Regular exercise helps in hormonal balanceAnd helps in better weight control which helps in dealing with thyroid problems.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that help in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Use coconut oil to help increase metabolism and balance body temperature.


The information given in the article is only for educational purposes, immediately contact the doctor if you see symptoms of thyroid

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